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Very good, and the right duration. Not too long, not too short. I post it on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/indieboy.juegos/
Do you have twitter or social media account?

saantonandre responds:

yeah it's @saantonandre, it's also in the main menu

Hi! lovely game, I really like the graphics and gameplay on that resolution! I work for a game on the last lowrez jam but cannot finnish it :/
Have a question, do you use Construct2 for the game? you work on 64x64 or on some scale? because, with low resolution I have collision problems on C2! thanks in advance, and congrats again for the game!

Felicitaciones, se ve y juega genial! con un par e agregados podría mejorar aún más, como la escopeta, que no se siente poderosa. Los voto para lo mejor del mes!

Oultrox responds:

¡Muchísimas gracias amigo por tu feedback y me alegro que te haya gustado!

Awesome mechanics, very fun to play and have a great arcade vibe! I love this game

Nice graphics, but very sadly very short, it has potential. With improved controls (the click over exclamation symbol isnt very precise), graphics and being longer it can be a really fun to play!

oh If you goes too fast on the dialogue of the teacher, there's a bug and no options are displayed.
Can't get the third final :(

Scorchle-Dragon responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, going too fast seems to cause some issues, but I think I know what the problem might be and I'll try to fix it in an update.
I am hoping to make some touch ups soon - I plan to acquire construct3 in one way or another, and make this a long time project.

Lovely graphics and simple but smart gameplay! Awesome game. I got the same idea when think of the jam theme (buth with a spaceship, oh nice touch on that clouds btw ! ), but I can't develop the idea onto something playable and fun, you do it for sure! Congrats!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hey thanks! I played your game as well! it really fit the theme. Good job!
Good that you mentionned the clouds, I wanted to add some more emblematic ships but... Time time time.... need more time time time ;)

Nice and crazy mechanics, if you add Awards and custom graphics, it will be pretty good.

N3cr0sz responds:

will keep in mind thank you !

Hard, but amazing game!

Genial idea y funcionamiento, una musica suave de fondo y puede ir directo a la play store como un "zen puzzle". Felicitaciones!

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